Best AT&T phones 2012

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Samsung Galaxy S III / Samsung Galaxy Note II / HTC One X+ / Motorola Atrix HD / Nokia Lumia 920 / HTC Windows Phone 8X / iPhone 5

Best AT&T Android phones 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III - Best AT&T phones 2012

I am amazed at the features included with this phone, and impressed that Samsung has already issued an update from the ICS it came with to JB 4.1.1. The screen is bigger than the usual smart phone but not so huge that it covers your entire face like the Note, it is the perfect size. One of the downsides to this device is the battery, like any other phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note II  - Best AT&T phones 2012
The phone has a one handed texting function, a gigantic clear screen,it is super fast, and it has s voice as well. Viewing webpages doesn’t require zooming in and viewing movies or games looks great.

  • HTC One X+ Android phone

HTC One X+ for Best AT&T phones 2012
The design, sense ui, the generous storage capacity, and phenomenal camera all wrapped up in a gorgeous body. There is no SD card slot on this one but the 64GB storage is more than enough for all your music, apps and pictures. The camera is very fast and takes very good pictures. Definitely recommend this phone to everyone.

Motorola Atrix HD - Best AT&T phones 2012
To me it is the perfect solution if you can’t decide between the Galaxy S III and the One X. The camera is not as bad as people say. Videos and pictures look awesome on that display, and as a heavy gamer, I was surprised that the battery lasted as long as it did.


Best AT&T Windows phones 2012

Nokia Lumia 920 - Best AT&T phones 2012
The nokia lumia 920 is amazing. Fast, great camera and simple. I overall love what Nokia has to offer. Happy to see that Nokia is back with such a great product! Display and touch are amazingly superb than the so called iPhone 5’s display. The video clarity is brilliant!

HTC Windows Phone 8X
The 8x size and design is great because it fits great in your hand. The syncing with Skydrive and other Windows 8 devices is great. The phone has a cool design and runs generally well. Voice quality seems really good. The keyboard and auto suggest is amazing. I highly recommend this phone to any smartphone user out there!


iPhone 5

iPhone 5 is faster, has a better camera, and access to newer and better apps.

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