BlackBerry N-series and L-series with New BlackBerry 10

Posted on June 25th, 2012 by New Cell Phones

Excited that’s it’s finally coming to BlackBerry 10 time. Glad to hear they are not ignoring the keyboard market. Myself though I gave up on keyboards and moved to full touch a while back so I’m super excited about the L series

I hope the N-series (w/ physical keyboard) is not the final design, I’m looking for a slider BlackBerry 10 with the same screen size and aspect ratio not a front facing keyboard with a smaller screen than the L-serires.

Blackberry still has some serious appeal.  I think it will take time for them to repair their damaged image but time is easy to deal with when you bring it with hardware and software.  I hope they do well.

BlackBerry N-series and L-series
BlackBerry L-series:

768×1280 screen resolution
55mm wide
356 PPI
Full Touch Screen

BlackBerry L-series with New BlackBerry 10
BlackBerry N-series:

720×720 screen resolution
52 – 53mm wide
330 PPI
physical QWERTY keyboard

IMO, The physical keyboard is RIM’s last remaining competitive advantage, and there is clearly a market for it, even though virtual keyboards seem dominant. RIM simply has to find a way to fit the portrait keyboard into a phone that’s at least 4 inches in screen size, without making the overall thickness more than 10-12mm.

via Engadget Source N4BB

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