BlackBerry Z10 price $999 for Solavei

Posted on February 12th, 2013 by New Cell Phones

Really?! People will spend $999 for BlackBerry Z10 rather than wait another few weeks?!

The phone is through GSM nation. Solavei is only a service provider, not a phone provider. Solavei is an MVNO using the T-Mobile network. I think the main difference is that they are using the T-Mobile HSPA+ network currently in place, while T-Mobile is waiting to release the Z10 with their LTE network in March. But in an interesting attempt to make it look like the BlackBerry Z10 just launched early in the US…Unlocked Rogers Z10 can be had for less than $800 after shipping and unlocking.

BlackBerry Z10

Via: Engadget Source: GSM Nation, Solavei

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