HTC M7 maybe launch on February 19, 2013

Posted on January 29th, 2013 by New Cell Phones

Looking forward to this announcement. Wait let me guess an htc flagship device with 1080p 5 inch screen. Really hope HTC pushes for better battery life on the flagship. I want an HTC android phone, but I would like one with at least a 3000mAh battery. Battery life is most important for these large phones that don’t even last past midday.



I was excited about this phone I like Sense, I know its camera is going to be top spec Sony Exmor sensor their design is top not, and their screens are still the best in the industry, but I cant handle Android consistent push for larger screen phones and capacitive buttons.

HTC has confirmed that it will be holding a press event in New York on the 19th of February.

via Engadget

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