HTC One S special edition with 64GB of storage

Posted on October 17th, 2012 by New Cell Phones

The HTC One S is light, thin, strong, fast, beautiful, bright, colourful, and just great to use.  The One S could have been the top phone of the year, all they needed was that gorgeous screen from the One X, LTE, bigger battery and of course pure JB.

HTC One S 64GB

HTC keeps “updating” their phones but aren’t smart enough to add an SD Card slot and removable battery.  I hope they’re not wondering why Samsung is doing better.64Gb of storage is nothing special, sure 32gb at least would of been nice, I would rather a micro SD , bigger or removable battery and HD screen , NFC and this phone would b perfect teh camera i 2nd to none!

via Engadget

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