Motorola Droid RAZR HD and Maxx HD in October

Posted on August 11th, 2012 by New Cell Phones

I was gonna buy the Droid RAZR HD if it came up in August, but if it comes up in October, I’ll just get the Nexus.
The screen of the Motorola Droid RAZR HD series will be the same 720 x 1280 Super AMOLED HD as the Galaxy S III but in a 4.3 inch variety, and the Droid Micro will feature a slightly smaller screen with almost no bezel. The Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX will receive $100 price drops for back to school savings, which will be permanent until the Droid RAZR HD and HD MAXX ($100 more than the Droid HD) will replace them as the current flagship models. The phones are on set for early October, but they may be delayed to be released with Jelly Bean.

Motorola Droid RAZR HD

Motorola Droid RAZR HD

If this is their flagship phone for the year they can get all the early adopters in Oct and Nov and discount it at the end of November to get the Christmas purchases. It’s all going to depend on what the other guys drop. There may a price difference between them like RAZR HD for $199 and RAZR MAXX HD for $299…

via  droid-life source: hot hardware

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