Motorola’s modular phone coming soon

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3D Systems and Motorola Partner on Modular, Custom Smartphone

I’d assume the engineers at Motorola know what they’re doing. There is an elegant solution : make just few upgradable modules , like camera , mobo, battery and SD card slot. Want a faster phone , swap the old cell phone with one that has tastes available SoC just for $100. Need better camera , buy advanced module for $50.

Motorola's modular phone

I love the idea of effectively buying a framework with a mainboard and then just swap out the various pieces of the phone from the screen to the battery, processor, memory, etc… It would certainly bring an end to the treadmill fashion of buying hardware from a carrier on contract or even off contract from the OEM only having to replace the entire unit in 2 years or so.

Source: Engadget

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