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MetroPCS LG Optimus F60 with LTE now on sale

Posted on November 12th, 2014

The MetroPCS LG Optimus F60 with 4G LTE is now on sale for  $99.99 after a $10 instant rebate, and a $50 mail-in rebate. It feels cheap, its a good phone. The Optimus F60 looks like a cheap Nexus 5. I love my Moto G, but i feel i could have stayed with the LG if it had better quality.

MetroPCS LG Optimus F60

Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 2 now available at MetroPCS

Posted on October 15th, 2014

Today the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 2 has come to MetroPCS, a prepaid service owned by T-Mobile, it’s available for $50 after a $100 discount. This is a great phone for the money. Long battery life and excellent call quality. Great QHD screen. 5 inches is perfect! BTW, there is very low data space and the camera is kind of glitchy.



Alcatel Fierce 2 and Evolve 2 – New T-Mobile Phones 2014

Last modified on September 10th, 2014, Posted on September 10th, 2014

The Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 2 and Evolve 2 are now available at T-Mobile.

Alcatel Fierce 2 - New T-Mobile Phones 2014

Alcatel Fierce 2 specs:

  • $126 full retail price
  • 5-inch qHD display
  • 1.2Ghz quad-core processor
  • 5 Megapixel Camera
  • 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM
  • Up to 32 GB Expandable Memory
  • USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Wi-Fi and Mobile Calling
  • GPS enabled
  • 5.55 x 2.83 x 0.39 inches
  • 5.26 ounces
  • Android 4.4

T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 635 – New T-Mobile Phones

Last modified on July 21st, 2014, Posted on July 1st, 2014

The T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 635 with Windows Phone 8.1 will be available online at beginning July 9th for $0 down + $7 per month for 24 months with a postpaid T-Mobile Simple Choice plan. The Lumia 635 has no front camera, no flash, no proximity sensor, no ambient light sensor, no camera button, no capacitive Windows keys, 512MB RAM, and 8GB storage. It needed better specs or a significantly lower price, IMHO.

T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 635

Nokia Lumia 635 LTE coming to AT&T and T-Mobile

Posted on April 2nd, 2014

The Nokia Lumia 635 windows phone will be coming to T-Mobile this summer, AT&T will available later this year. The only thing that will stop me from picking this up is the lack of a flash for the camera. It can’t drive up the cost that much more.. Heck even the 710 had one. They would have better sales I think. When im out and about at night sometimes I use my phone for a shot & the flash is needed for it to come out right.