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New AT&T PadFone X Videos

Last modified on April 23rd, 2014, Posted on April 23rd, 2014

I really like the idea. I would love to be able to watch videos or play games on a bigger screen while retaining all the data and apps from my phone. I was excited for the idea when Asus first announced it way back when…but now? Not so much…

AT&T PadFone X

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0, 8.0, and 10.1 Tablets go on Sale May 1st

Posted on April 23rd, 2014

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0, 8.0, and 10.1 will be priced at $199.99, $269.99 and $349.99, respectively. The Galaxy Tab line is cheap and low-spec, always has been, probably always will be. And yet there still exist better/cheaper options… Nexus 7/Gpad 8.3 are among their toughest competition. I think a much better deal would be the LG G pad 8.3. Snapdragon 600 and 2GB of ram for around the same price point.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

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HTC One M8 for AT&T

Last modified on April 12th, 2014, Posted on April 12th, 2014

The HTC One M8 is now on sale for AT&T. The device is the best phone that I have used. I love the motion launch gestures. The gestures makes it so much easier for me to turn on the phone by the screen and not taking my time and reaching for the on button on the top. The duo camera makes really cool 3D effects and blur effects after you take the picture. Almost anyone can use the HTC One M8 if they already know how to use an android phone.

HTC One M8 for AT&T

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Samsung Galaxy S5 on sale for AT&T, Verizon and Sprint

Posted on April 12th, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 looks like a feature rich phone crammed with tons of features. Nevertheless, today the market has quite a selection of great phones.

The screen on the Galaxy S5 is great, and so is the camera, but its everything else about the new One the won me over.


$199.99 with 2-year Contract


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Samsung Galaxy S5 now available for the Global Market

Posted on April 10th, 2014

The new Samsung Galaxy S5 flagship smartphone is now available in 125 markets

Samsung Galaxy S5

SEOUL, Korea – April 11, 2014 – Samsung Electronics today announced the commercial launch of the new Galaxy S5 and the Samsung Gear devices – Samsung Gear 2, Samsung Gear 2 Neo, and Samsung Gear Fit. The newly launched devices are ready to be on the shelf in 125 countries including the US, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and most Asian markets.
“The refined design and technological innovation of our new Galaxy S5 and Samsung Gear devices are the direct result of Samsung listening carefully to what consumers wanted in the next generation of mobile technology.” said JK Shin, CEO & President of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics. “We carefully crafted each device to offer a sophisticated, superior mobile experience that let consumers stay connected in their own way to focus on what really matters to them.”
Samsung Galaxy S5
The Galaxy S5 combines the advanced camera with world’s fastest auto focus, superior network connectivity, dedicated fitness tools with S Health 3.0 and enhanced device protection features including IP67 dust and water resistance. New and enhanced Samsung WatchON and Samsung Wallet are available to make the Galaxy S5 experience even more enjoyable and productive. The Galaxy S5 is currently available in charcoal Black, shimmery White, electric Blue and copper Gold.


Source: Samsung