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Samsung Galaxy A3 SM-A300 specs leaked: Snapdragon 410 and 4.8" qHD display

Posted on September 19th, 2014

According to User Agent profile, the Samsung Galaxy A3 SM-A300 has a 4.8″ screen with qHD resolution (540 x 960 pixels), Less than the 2012 Galaxy S3. So if you’re on tight budget, it’s better to buy old flagship phones instead of new midrange phones.




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Samsung Galaxy A5 pictures leaked, look and feel like metal

Posted on September 19th, 2014

The Samsung Galaxy A5 design is unibody, battery may not removed but so what its not bad either. I think this is better than Galaxy Alpha. Samsung Needs New Build-Design and Front Facing Stereo speakers and get rid of touch-wiz thats it!



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Samsung will launch Tizen smartphone in November, 2014

Posted on September 19th, 2014

“Now, a company executive in India is saying Samsung will release a Tizen smartphone in November. “


Why fragment the market further Samsung? Blackberry failed because they didn’t evolve fast enough into an ecosystem that competed. Windows Phone is having the same issues. Is Samsung really willing to dump the money into Tizen that Microsoft has done into Windows Phone? What is their end goal here? To get rid of google and android in favor of their own ecosystem?

Source: Wall Street Journal, The Economic Times Via: PhoneArena, PhoneDog

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 available in the US on October 17

Posted on September 18th, 2014

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will sell well. All of the Note 2 users seem to want to upgrade to the Note 4. Personally, I want a closer to stock experience and do not care for all the Touchwiz addons, even for the s-pen. And the few things about the s-pen I like, I can replicate easily enough. That being said, I kind of love having the stylus, just to use as a pointing device, and also mainly for one specific game that pretty much needs it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

This is the perfect upgrade if you have a Note 2. The screen, processor and ram will make it easy for them.

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New Samsung SM-A500 pictures leaked

Last modified on September 17th, 2014, Posted on September 17th, 2014

The Samsung SM-A500 has been spotted on the Chinese device certification database (TENAA). Previous rumours indicated the SM-A500 will have a 13MP real camera, a 5-megapixel front-facing cameras, a 5-inch 720 Super AMOLED display, quad-core Snapdragon 400 CPU, 16GB of internal storage, microSD slot, a 2,330 mAh battery and Android 4.4 with new TouchWiz interface as seen on the Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung SM-A500Samsung SM-A500

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