Nexus 4 8GB sold out, 16GB version shipping in 6 to 7 weeks

Posted on December 2nd, 2012 by New Cell Phones

I ordered the Nexus 4 16 gb and was a little shocked I was charged for 2 day shipping at $14 dollars automatically with no other option when it clearly won’t get to me for 6 to 7 weeks like it said prior. Is this right? My buddy ordered 16gb ~11/28, told 2-3 weeks shipping – it shipped on Friday 11/30.

Nexus 4 8GB

Nexus 4 16GB

Look this unlocked 300 dollar flagship phone is a completely new concept and I’m sure they just underestimated the demand for it. I think it’s better to underestimate the demand then overestimate like the touch pad or the play book. Google simply played it safe so as not to lose lots of money on thier hardware ventures.

via Google Play: Nexus 4 8GB, Nexus 4 16GB

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