Nexus 5 to fix power button, volume buttons and speaker holes

Posted on December 13th, 2013 by New Cell Phones

Obviously, can’t be a huge improvement unless the hardware was upgraded to stereo, Ordered mine on release day. Volume button seems okay, power button only rattling when I tap hard on the upper right corner or shaking the device.

Nexus 5

Power button is stiffer and sits in place properly

I don’t see these fixes being a big deal. I was very sceptical if the 4.4.2 update could fix the lousy speaker, but it did. The speaker is loud and clear without that strong distortion now, even with the small speaker grill holes.

Nexus 5

The volume buttons are now sturdier as well.

Nexus 5

The speaker and microphone holes are larger.

Source: XDA Via: Engadget, PocketDroid

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