Nokia EOS Metal Prototype Design Leaked

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I assume that Nokia EOS is a code name and that the release will get a Lumia number like 941 or similar. Sadly this will be an AT&T only device.EOS needs to be on all carriers to be successful in US. Higher sales of Lumia 822 than 920 on AT&T proves that AT&T is iPhone bastion exclusive on it not helping Nokia/WP at all.

Nokia EOS with 41MP PureView Camera

Nokia EOS Metal Prototype DesignNokia EOS Metal Prototype Design

The Samsung S4 Zoom is a great comparison, even if it does ship with lower pixels and lower quality overall. What Nokia is doing hardware wise with EOS can really be appreciated when lined up next to Samsung’s … accomplishment.


Nokia is inviting journalists to attend an event in New York City July 11th at which the company will deliver “Zoom Reinvented.”

Nokia-Zoom Reinvented

Source: Weibo Chinese

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