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Nokia Lumia 920 with WP8 is the perfect combination of hardware and software. Runs incredibly quick and smoothly, full of incredible hardware features like wireless charging, NFC, and the high sensitivity screen (for use with gloves).

The camera is fast and the controls are intuitive. Photos are very good but video really benefits more from the optical image stabilization and is truly the best you’ll see on a phone. I was able to take a video, upload it to my Sky Drive and share it with the grandparents easily, which I was a little worried about but worked well.

Nokia Lumia 920 - New Nokia Windows Phones

This phone and the Windows Phone 8 OS are amazing. The interface is smooth and lightning fast. The colors on screen are vibrant and visible even in the bright Las Vegas sun. The screen is absolutely gorgeous and the look and feel of the phone is perfect to me.

Pros: good screen for sunshine., can use phone with gloves., camera, screen!, windows phone 8 – it is fast, angry birds: space & start wars

Cons: couple apps still not exist in WP8 marketplace, it is huge but after one hour of using feels good

Finally, about the battery life – mine lasted full day the first two days (as a new toy you can imagine that my usage was above average). After that I was able to go for two days. So, I am happy with the battery life.

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