Rumors: Verizon Moto G release date on January 9th

Last modified on January 2nd, 2014 by New Cell Phones

If a new internal memo is to be believed, the date could in fact be January 9th? The Moto G is great for people that need a quality smartphone on Verizon Prepaid. It can be a backup phone. But it looks like you can only use 3G even though the tech spec say it supports a micro sim. I don’t know if Verizon has those yet. Our point is 3G on Verizon is 1-2Mbps if you’re lucky, while on T-Mobile you get what, 10-20Mbps on 3G?

Verizon Moto G release date

Verizon Moto G android phone

Either way, $100 for this phone is a GREAT price. i was thinking of hanging on to my G-nex as a media player, but if i can sell that for like $100 and pick up one of these I would totally do that. do they require you to sign up when purchasing?

Source: LATimes, DroidLife Via: PhoneArena

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