Samsung Galaxy S III reviews: Pros and Cons

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Get the new Samsung Galaxy S III. Want a prettier phone but don’t care if you have a memory card slot or replaceable battery? Get the HTC one X. Micro SD storage is important to me.  if you KNOW you will not need more storage, than you will love either phone and have no regrets after you buy one.  if you plan on rooting it, you should def get the galaxy s iii as it will have a huge community behind it and it has the micro sd.

About the design i like it it shows continuity to the Samsung style,much like sony’s design when you see one all the others look almost the same i think we are at an design crisis every phone looks a lot with each other …this "cheap plastic" is durable, and it holds up better than the HTC phones and iPhones I’ve had in the past.  Samsung knows what it’s doing, despite what hipster bloggers say is "cool".

In fact I think the white Samsung looks better than the white HTC. The Galaxy S 3 is a very very good phone what i am saying is if you have The One X or the One S you wont be looking at the SG3 in envy.

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Samsung Galaxy S IIISamsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III
– Super-fluid performance
– Refined user experience
– S Voice natural language recognition
– Unequaled performance
– Excellent camera
– Functionally sound design
– Android Ice Cream Sandwich
– Gorgeous 4.8-inch 720p screen
– Slick lightweight design
– Quad-core processor
– Slot for microSD card

– Camera photos tend to be a bit overexposed
– Aesthetically challenged
– TouchWiz interface can be confusing
– Premium price

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