Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Pros and Cons

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is not a phone Smile  its a half decent compact camera.  They should have reduced the optical zoom to 4-6x, kept the aperture as small as they could, and created a smaller, more brick like, actual camera phone. I can see the use case where people would use this for vacations or specific events but for everyday use, I would stick to a regular smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Pros:
16-megapixel rear camera with a CMOS sensor
10x optical zoom
Xenon flash
1.5GHz dual-core processor
1.5GB of RAM
Android 4.2.2 OS

4.3-inch 960 x 540-pixel display
208 grams
15.4mm thick+++

If the “phone was half the thickness than it is, but being this thick, this is more of a Camera with a phone attached, not a Camera Phone, the Nokia EOS will be the first Real camera. Really interested to see what Nokia’s going to launch next month, since it sounds exactly like what you’re describing.

About the lossless zoom, is very nice in it way, i own 808 and i can tell you that at least in video is unmatched but of course is not a real optical zoom.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

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