Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note almost here

Posted on April 10th, 2012 by New Cell Phones

Sprint has a great lineup now. The nexus the EVO 4G LTE and now the Galaxy Note. I can’t wait to see what else. If it launches in Fall, it will be too late and all customers will be focusing on the GS3. Looking at the picture up close ( really close ) in the notification bar it looks like it says 4G LTE. Maybe im seeing things but i see a little 4 followed by little letters. If it ain’t being released within the next 2 months then forget it. 

BTW, A Sprint rep told me a few days ago that it was coming to Sprint later this year.  This would be one more piece of evidence to say that it really is.

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- Samsung Galaxy Note cell phone photos

Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note cell phone

via Engadget

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