T-Mobile BlackBerry Z10 on Sale to business customers

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T-Mobile BlackBerry Z10 available on March 11th for Business Customers price $249.99. $250 is still too much for a 2 year contract for the Z10. I think it should be at least $149. Considering that BB currently isn’t in the best position right now. At least Nokia and other Windows Phone makers were smart enough to keep the prices low to get people to buy WP8 devices.

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T-Mobile BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry Z10

I am curious to see the sales report for their Q1. The Z10 has WiFi, it has Mobile Hotspot, and it even has DLNA. Not to mention Bluetooth, NFC, MicroSD up to 64GB, and HDMI out.  So I’d say it’s got enough connectivity options to satisfy pretty much anyone.    

via Engadget, TMoNews

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