T-Mobile HTC One S launch date April 25th

Posted on April 9th, 2012 by New Cell Phones

If phone is at a reasonable price off contract, I will definitely think about purchasing it. Both the HTC One X and the one S will be sporting the same Snapdragon 1.5ghz dual core processor. the only advantage the one x has is the screen size difference (4.3 vs 4.7 isn’t drastic) and (which is pretty cool in my opinion) the 720p HD screen (SLCD not SAMOLED) so explain further how the "One S is not worth it!" I was planning to buy this amazing phone, but it doesn’t have NFC on it. I wanted NFC so I can use google wallet.

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- HTC One S cell phone photos

T-Mobile HTC One S cell phone
HTC One S Pros:
– Stock Android ICS with HTC Sense 4
– S4 far outpowers the Tegra 3 in CPU performance
aluminum body
– Love the One S’s formfactor
- Super AMOLED display also goes a long ways in conserving battery life over Super LCD.

HTC One S Cons:
– No removable battery.
– No camera dedicated button
– No removable/expandable storage, 16GB internal storage but of course only 12GB available to the user and no expandable memory slot is a fail

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