T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II with new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Posted on June 12th, 2012 by New Cell Phones

Just updated Galaxy S II to ICS! Awesome! everything is so smooth. A little sluggish at times though. seems to use more RAM than  before the update was downloaded, but that was to be expected.

Only major differences are the task manager, top bar and menu structures, not much else feels different so far.


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  1. I know we’re all hyped to get ICS going ASAP. So just a quick PSA for those having troubles…
  2. Make sure Kies is updated
  3. Make sure your phone is all charged up at least 50%
  4. Your phone can be rooted, it’ll just get goofy if it’s not stock
  5. Restart your phone before you begin. Even better, do a quick battery pull. (This will solve 90% of the problems people are having connecting to a PC)
  6. Resist temptation to unplug and start playing with the phone till it’s restarted completely
  7. It will be a bit laggy at first, if it’s too laggy for you, restart it.
  8. Good luck, I’m going to Carvel to celebrate!

Android version 4.0.3/ Software version T989UVLE1 – Current optional update version
Android version 4.0.3/ Software version T989UVLE1
Note: See Top 10 things to know about TouchWiz Ice Cream Sandwhich (ICS) update.
Manual Update ONLY (Size varies based on previous software version)
Approved 6/11/12
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)
CMAS improvement
Wi-Fi Calling enhancements
Voicemail enhancements
Android version 2.3.6 / Software version T989UVKID/KL1/LDE update
Latest version of Kies software downloaded on PC or MAC
At least 50% battery life

It’s about time to start seeing the US galaxy S II ICS updates, Sprint is still waiting. Sprint/ Samsung did actually have an ICS OTA ready last month. It was leaked as FD26 (may 26th build) 4.0.3 and would’ve been the official OTA but Sprint/Samsung decided to update the code to 4.0.4 instead and had to start over..

via Engadget / T-Mobile

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