Upcoming T-Mobile Phones 2013

Samsung Gear S will be available in November, for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint

Posted on October 30th, 2014

The Samsung Gear S is closer to a full phone than a watch. I like the Samsung design of this Smartwatch since it does not depend on your phone at all, you can send email, texts, voice messages using the 3G modem. I am sure this is the only angle that the watch looks ok on women’s hand.

Samsung Gear S

Samsung Gear S

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note Edge could launch November 14

Posted on October 30th, 2014

Windows Central received a screenshot of an internal document which suggests that the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will arrive at T-Mobile on November 14. This device will hit Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo on October 23.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Google Nexus 6 up for pre-order on October 29

Posted on October 21st, 2014

Google Play will start to accept pre-orders for the Nexus 6 on October 29. There is no seperate Verizon model, it’s only One model. Can I order from Play store on 29th and when it arrives I can switch Nano sim from my Verizon Moto X and it should work?

Google Nexus 6

T-Mobile Nexus 6 pre-registration page goes live

Last modified on October 19th, 2014, Posted on October 19th, 2014

I plan on getting an Nexus 6. I just haven’t decided whether to get it from Google Play or T-Mobile. Band compatibility plus WiFi calling are pretty much my only reasons for buying from T-Mobile. I just hope that T-Mobile will also offer the 64GB option. This is how every Nexus device should be launched.

T-Mobile-Nexus 6-pre-registration

Source: T-Mobile Via: Android Central

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact ship date November 3rd for AT&T and T-Mobile

Posted on October 15th, 2014

Considering its price, specs, and battery life, the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is the best value for its size. The Z3 Compact is now available pre-order for $529.99 and a ship date of November 3rd. The handset can be used on AT&T and T-Mobile networks (no band 12 LTE). The phone is not a whale, but it is still water resistant. And the battery life is great. It’s not a perfect phone, but it a very nice balance of form, function, and price.

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

Google Nexus 6 coming to AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular

Posted on October 15th, 2014

The Nexus 6 will be available for pre-order begin on October 29th, $649 is the retail price for the 32GB, the 64GB one bought unlocked will cost $699.

Google Nexus 6 coming

  • AT&T – AT&T today confirmed that it will add the Nexus 6 by Motorola, to its industry-leading device portfolio. Pricing and availability will be announced at a later date. Here’s to hoping the leaked image of AT&T price was right $50 on contact. $50 now PLUS $25 per month for 24 months contract which totals $650. They still get their money! Or wait for NEXT details.
  • Verizon – release date in November
  • Sprint – Sprint customers can pre-register for more information on Nexus 6 at www.sprint.com/nexus6.
  • T-Mobile –  The Nexus 6 by Motorola will join T-Mobile’s stellar device lineup on November 12 for $0 down (and $27.08 a month for 24 months on our Equipment Installment Plan). The device is going to support “Wi-Fi Un-leashed” from early 2015. After an OTA software update, it’ll become the first Nexus device to support Wi-Fi calling thanks to capabilities baked in to Android 5.0.
  • US Cellular – release date in November

Nexus 6 – New Google Phones

Last modified on October 15th, 2014, Posted on October 15th, 2014

The new Nexus 6 is a full featured, high spec phone, which is in line with other ‘flagship’ phones. And it is pure Android. The price is a little high but I’d still buy it if it wasn’t such a gigantic phone, I just don’t need something that large. Features include stereo front speakers, OIS, Quad HD, Fast Charging, Snapdragon 805, 3GB of Ram and Lollipop, and slightly curved. For those watching at home, that’s the GS5, HTC M8, LG G3, LG G3, Motorola, and Google. Its the key features of each all rolled into one!


New Nexus 6 photos leaked

Last modified on October 15th, 2014, Posted on October 14th, 2014

The Nexus 6 will probably have same specs than Galaxy Note 4 (Snapdragon 805, 3G memory, Quad HD display). I hope it has a good camera. I hate the one that’s on the N5 right now.